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As we all know the Scammers are a really big problem in the locksmith industry. They have filled the Yellow pages with bogus company names, addresses and telephone numbers. Even worse than that is their presence on the internet. All of those same bogus listings have been picked up online and made it fairly hard for legitimate locksmiths to be found in searches. Why is that worse? Smart Cell Phones! People use them all the time to find everything they need or want. They come up in searches because of something called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. We locksmiths need to fight fire with fire and this page of links to Real locksmiths is one way to do that.
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# AMKS (# amks) Advanced Master Keying Skills .....ISBN # 0-9774511-2-7
by Don O'Shall, Greg Brockway and John Truempy
This book is NOT for the beginner.
The skills taught in this book should only be used by locksmiths who are
well grounded in basic and intermediate master keying techniques and
fully comfortable with the Standard Progression Format (SPF) charts and the
development of standard master keying systems using them.
But if you are ready for the next level, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
Only $60 when purchased through the publisher.

#BMK-QBE (# bmk-qbe) Basic Master Keying - QBE .....ISBN # 0-9774511-4-3
by Don O'Shall ( OShall )and John Truempey
This book uses the amazingly effective teaching tool known as QBE or Query By Example to teach
Basic Master Keying quickly and efficiently to move the beginner or apprentice to a reasonable skill level
in the least time possible. If you are new to Master Keying, this is the book for you!
Only $80 when purchased through the publisher

# C4L (# c4l) Cryptology For Locksmiths .....ISBN # 978-1-937067-00-7
by Don OShall
Don's cryptology skills are legendary in the locksmithing and security industry, and date back
to specialized military training in 1968.
He is also known for his attention to detail and is a recognized expert on Master Key Systems
and Institutional Key Control. This book is a fast and efficient way to put these skills
to work for you, and will enable you to seriously exceed the legal requirements
to provide reasonable security for customer information,
offering your customers and clients the comfort of knowing their valuable information is not just lying around
written in plain English for anyone who finds it to read and compromise the data.
This instructional and reference guide provides many easy to learn and use techniques to encode confidential data
such as safe combinations, Master Key Information, TMK Logs, and other customer related files.
Includes many techniques for key stamping and key serialization for Key Control Management.
MSRP Originally $90 - Now has been reduced to $60. This book is on sale for a limited time offer at only $50.

# DO12IC (# do12ic) Don OShall's 2012 Guide to Interchangeable Core Servicing.....ISBN # 978-1-937067-01-4
by Don OShall
A comprehensive guide to the servicing and pinning of Interchangeable core products from a wide
variety of lock manufacturers, including both SFIC and LFIC offerings. Heavily illustrated throughout
to make learning easy, this book also serves as an excellent reference manual for experienced Journeyman
or Master Locksmiths. Don OShall has been a recognized expert on Interchangeable Cores and Master Keying
for over thirty years. This book puts his knowledge at your fingertips, including the current crop of patent protected products.
MSRP Originally $90 - Now only $60 when purchased through the publisher.

# ILSM (# ilsm) Institutional Lock Shop Management .....ISBN # 0-9774511-0-0
by Don OShall and Vernon Kelley
Both authors are legendary for professional management of an institutional Lock and Access Control Shop
and for attention to detail. Together they have created the fastest and easiest way to get you fully up to
speed on professional Institutional Lock Shop Management!
Only $60 when purchased through the publisher.

# L101 (# l101) Locksmithing 101.....ISBN 978-1-937067-03-8
by Don O'Shall and Tony West
Written by two of the Locksmithing and Security Industry's most popular Instructors and most
prolific authors, this book will take a person from Apprentice virtually to the Journeyman level of knowledge. Of course, the person
will still need to apply the knowledge and gain the time in the trade, but this is perhaps the finest preparation for them to do so in a
manner that makes them an asset, rather than a burden.

This book will take the reader step by step into the important aspects of the Locksmithing skill sets. For the Apprentice without a Master, this book can
provide the basis to make them a desirable candidate for training positions. While nothing in life can truly be guaranteed, this book is very probably the
best way into the trade.

Only $125 when purchased through the publisher.

# MKTB3 (# mktb3) Master Keying Textbook Third Edition .....ISBN # 0-9774511-3-5
This easy to read, comprehensive manual is intended to take you from beginner through intermediate in a
matter of only a few days. Based upon the popular two day course and the original Practical Master Keying of Pin Tumbler Locks from 1981,
but fully updated and using all approved terminology whenever possible (LIST Council Dictionary and current standards),
it goes way beyond Master Keying Textbook 2006.

The Quality Soft Cover makes it easy to take with you, use on your service vehicle or store in your library. You need this book!
Quality soft cover edition MSRP $90, Now only $60 when purchased through the publisher.

# MKTB2 (# mktb2) Master Keying Textbook Second Edition still available in comb bound edition for only $60.

# MK-SAM (# mk-sam) Master Key System - Specification, Application and Management .....ISBN 0-9774511-1-9
by Don O'Shall, John Truempy and Tony West
You understand and can read or generate standard master key charts. You have a Master Keying client or a
Master Keyed Faciliy to manage or need to place a factory order. How do you put it all together?
This book will show you how.
Only $60 when purchased through the publisher.