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About The Author:

Don OShall, CMIL

Don OShall has been the Supervisor of the Lehigh University Office of Access Control and Locksmithing for nearly 30 years. He is a member of the Lock Industry Standards and Training Council (LIST Council), and a Director for the Institutional Locksmiths Association. He served as the original chair and later co-chair) of its Certification Committee.

He is an internationally recognized authority on interchangeable core servicing, master keying, system design, key control and commercial/institutional hardware. He taught courses for the All Lock Service Institute, and has taught classes in various locksmithing courses for many associations all across the country for over nearly forty years.

The ease with which Don interacts with codes and ciphers comes from a life-long love for the challenges and logic that they represent. He has studied them extensively, and was employed in an agency which utilized these skills extensively.

He was Senior Instructor for the New York and National Schools of Locksmithing (New York City and Chicago) for over seven years. He was a staff author for The National Locksmith magazine articles beginning in 1984, and is a contributing author and Associate Editor for The Institutional Locksmith magazine.

Don has been awarded the Gerald J. Connelly Jr Pioneer Award, and has been the recipient of many other honors.