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About The Author:

Jake Jacubuwski

Jake Jakubuwski

Jake and his wife, Christie, owned and operated a mobile
locksmith business in North Carolina.

Jake was the Technical Editor for The National Locksmith Magazine, was
a freelance writer for various publications; was recently appointed
to the editorial board of DHI’s Door and Hardware Magazine, and is
the author of many trade related books

He is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first,
universal, retrofitable toilet stall latch:
The Johnny Latch by Jake

Jake’s seminars; “Tips, Tricks and Stuff” were in demand by
various associations and groups around the country.
Jake passed on in January, 2014, but his training lives on through his books.
His wife and family receive the royalties Jake hoped he would be able to help
provide for them with, while providing generations to come with the benefit of his knowledge.